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Grand Canyon Tourist Has Run-In with an Elk [VIDEO]

Welcome to the Grand Canyon, home of the free-roaming elk, which may on occasion take a running charge at you!

This tourist got a little more than she bargained for when she booked a trip to the Grand Canyon.

For some reason, a grazing elk had a bit of a hate on for her, giving the slightly-terrified woman two small charges when she got a little too close.

Her white shopping bag gets the heave-ho on the first charge, wallet and all.

What do you think? Was it the blonde hair or white shopping bag that set this elk off? Either way, I have a sneaky feeling she picked herself up a backpack right after the encounter!

Everything works out in the end when a good Samaritan coolly walks up and shoos the animal away. All after a bit of laughter from the sidelines at this poor woman’s expense.

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Grand Canyon Tourist Has Run-In with an Elk [VIDEO]