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The Most Graceful SWAT Team You Will Ever Witness [VIDEO]

This epic SWAT team fail is nothing more than hysterical.

When danger looms, avoid this team. If you need a good laugh, however, these are definitely your guys.

In the face of danger, tactical teams are all serious business. Well, the ones that know what they are doing, that is.

This tactical team has all the wrong moves in all the wrong places. Lined up for entry, the second team member tosses a flash bang grenade into the wall where it lands at the lead member’s feet.

Boom! Off it goes, and they head inside. Well, the member in line literally heads in face-first while tripping over the doorway.

Watch this hysterical, tactical fail video and know who to call for a good laugh. Send in the clowns.

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The Most Graceful SWAT Team You Will Ever Witness [VIDEO]