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Grabbing the Slide and Firing: A Self-Defense Demonstration [VIDEO]

It’s time to give your self-defense skills a tune up.

Living in the good ol’ U.S.A., the second amendment gives us the right to bear arms and protect ourselves and our loved ones against an attack. But let’s face it, sometimes we aren’t always armed. Even CHL owners may find themselves without their gun from time to time. Or maybe you are carrying, but you are unable to draw your weapon because you have a gun pointed directly at you at point blank range.

Do you have the self-defense skills or knowledge to fend off an armed attacker?

These guys at Polenar Tactical put together a short video demonstration to show how grabbing the slide of the gun, and keeping the muzzle pointed away from you, can limit the attacker’s semi-autotomatic pistol to only one shot.


By grabbing the slide, once the attacker pulls the trigger, your firm grip is restricting the slide from being able to eject the shell and put another round in the chamber.

Heaven forbid anyone should ever find themselves in such a dangerous situation, but having a few tips to put the fight to your advantage could mean life or death.

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Grabbing the Slide and Firing: A Self-Defense Demonstration [VIDEO]