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The Ultimate Grab and Go Camp Kitchen is on Kickstarter

Camp Caddy

Gathering all the gear you need for camping can be frustrating, so when a product that makes it simpler pops up on the market, us outdoorsy people eat it up.  

Enter the Camp Caddy, a new Kickstarter project that makes carrying four different containers to your campsite a thing of the past. It is a rolling “caddy” box that pops up on a stand and has storage for your camping stove and dishes, towel racks, spice racks, and a beer opener (which is clutch). You can organize all your camping equipment in one easy container, complete with wheels.

It is made of aluminum steel, making it light but sturdy and easy to clean. Anywhere you need a portable camping box, whether it be tailgating, taking a day trip or a picnic, or spending a week in the woods, the Camp Caddy is pretty perfect.

The Kickstarter goal is $200,000, and you can either donate money to this project or buy yourself a Camp Caddy. They are trying to sell a thousand to see if the demand is there. The Camp Caddy will come with a t-shirt and a custom-made beer opener. Greg and Melissa Peterson, the founders of the project, say:

Rather than spending weeks preparing for camping, days packing up for camping and hours at the campsite cleaning up and organizing your gear, we have developed a product that does all this for you! You can now plan a last minute camping trip and be totally prepared with our grab and go camp kitchen.


Check out their Kickstarter campaign here and watch the video on all the cool features the Camp Caddy has to offer.

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The Ultimate Grab and Go Camp Kitchen is on Kickstarter