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Gov. Scott Walker Calls for Action to Address Wisconsin’s CWD Problem

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The governor is calling for new plans to combat the deadly neurological disease.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker wants to do more to address the state’s ongoing problems with chronic wasting disease or CWD.

Walker, in a press conference this past Monday, said to reporters he is coming up with some new proposals to handle the problem according to Wisconsin Public Radio. Walker has promised his administration will release their new proposals within the next month.

Wisconsin Public Radio reports Walker’s staff has been reviewing options with Democratic legislators to combat a problem that infected 290 deer in Wisconsin last season. They are reportedly mulling plans for reducing Wisconsin’s deer herd in a manner similar to the measures Illinois has put in place.

The state has been in the headlines pretty consistently the last few years as new CWD cases keep popping up. There have been some in wild animals, but plenty more have come from high-fence hunt operations.

In one of the high-fence areas, authorities ended up euthanizing a whole herd of 228 animals in Eau Claire County last November. The constant problems with deer farms resulted in at least 14 counties now requiring double rows of fencing to keep animals from escaping.

They may be right to be concerned. Two bucks from the euthanized high-fence herd escaped and spent five months on the loose. Once they were both finally shot, both tested positive for CWD.

Wisconsin’s CWD troubles reached far beyond its own borders. In Michigan, the DNR put up billboards near state lines and started an educational program to educate hunters who may go across state lines that it is illegal to bring in full deer heads from Wisconsin or other CWD-infected states.

It seems clear Wisconsin officials will have to do something. Wisconsin Public Radio reports the 9.4 percent of infected deer found this season was the highest rate recorded in the herd since the disease was first discovered in 2002.


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Gov. Scott Walker Calls for Action to Address Wisconsin’s CWD Problem