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Gourmet Cooking with Your Car Engine [VIDEO]

Ladies and gentlemen, offroading has gone gourmet.

Imagine this: You’re out cruising the trails, the weather is perfect, the birds are chirping and you stop for lunch, only to find one of those soggy sandwiches in the cooler. Yum?

Now imagine that same day with a sizzling steak for lunch, made right under the hood of your car. A bit better, right?

Join Duchess as she explains how cooking on your car engine is practically as easy as being in your home kitchen.

Next time you are enjoying the great outdoors, don’t forget to reach into your glove compartment, grab the salt and pepper, and season up a tasty lunch prepared with the help of your oven on four wheels.

Set the timer and do the speed limit!

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Gourmet Cooking with Your Car Engine [VIDEO]