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Got Goose? Make a Reuben [VIDEO]

Make your goose or duck breasts into a substitute for corned beef for reuben sandwiches. 

Ever wonder what the corned in corned beef means? "Corned" comes from the salt. Large grains of salt were once called "corns," so heavily salted meat was corned meat. But beef isn't the only thing that can be corned.

Salt-curing duck or goose breasts can turn them into tasty reuben snack or sandwich meat. The process is really pretty simple. Mix some spices, apply the mix to the meat, let it cure in the refrigerator for about a week, then cook it. Slice it thin and serve it just like corned beef.

Goose reuben sandwiches!


Pull those goose breasts out of the freezer and give this reuben recipe from Nebraska Game and Parks a try.

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Got Goose? Make a Reuben [VIDEO]