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Got $900? You Could Own a Flamethrower! [VIDEO]

Ion Productions

Who says you can’t measure fun in BTUs? If you’ve got $900, you can make your own good time with a fully functioning flamethrower!

CNNMoney is reporting a little known loophole in ATF regulations that don’t expressly prohibit the average citizen from owning a funthrower flamethrower.

Think of all the yard work a guy could get done with one of these! No more fall leaves to rake. No more lines of kiddos at the campfire waiting on s’mores. No more neighborhood cats skulking around your yard.

It’d practically pay for itself…right?

If you want more information, cruise over to Ion Productions to see their XM42 flamethrower in action. Their unit will run on gasoline, gas/diesel mix, and alcohol.

If any of my friends or family are reading this and you’re wondering what I’d like for Christmas…look no further. I’ll even come clear the snow out of your driveway with it.

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Got $900? You Could Own a Flamethrower! [VIDEO]