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Koko the Gorilla Mourns the Death of Robin Williams [VIDEO]

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Koko, the Gorilla famous for her ability to sign and communicate, remembers her favorite Hollywood actor.

In 2001, Robin Williams spent a fun-filled day with the lovable gorilla Koko, even managing to make her do something her takers hadn’t seen in over six months, make her smile.

Check out this video by kokoflix:

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Ever since her trainer passed away, Koko seemed depressed and never quite herself, until that day, when she made a new friend.

According to an article published in the Huffington Post last month, Robin called his experience with Koko “mind-altering” and “unforgettable,” the duo chatted and had fun together, even tickling each other.

After his passing, the Gorilla foundation’s co-founder, Penny Patterson, broke the news to Koko that Williams had died. Her reaction was strong and moving as it was clear the gorilla had become deeply saddened, her lip quivering,  her head bowed.


It would seem that Robin Williams not only impacted our lives. We miss him too, Koko. We miss him too.


How did you feel by the death of Robin Williams? What do you think of the emotional interactions between humans and animals? Comment below.

Images via The Gorilla Foundation

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Koko the Gorilla Mourns the Death of Robin Williams [VIDEO]