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Gordon Ramsay Takes Son on His First Hunting Trip

Not many things are more special than the father son bond. Gordon Ramsay introduces his son to the outdoors and it's priceless.

If you have a passion for the outdoors, there is a good chance your father or a father figure in your life introduced you to it. Gordon Ramsay is doing his best to try and instill that passion into his son as he takes him on his first hunting trip.

Gordon is best known for his wild mouth and his amazing cooking skills, but maybe to your surprise he likes to get his meals on his own via fishing or hunting.

In search of a bird called a Rook, Gordon sets out to harvest some meat for an old English dish called Rook Pie. He brings along his son Jack and breaks him in by letting him shoot his first gun. Jack smokes the target and joy takes over his face!

After that, they head out to the woods to give Jack his first hunting action.

In usual Gordon Ramsay fashion, there's some strong language used in the clip.

Not old enough yet to hunt, Jack tags along and does his best bird dog impressions. You can most certainly see that everyone involved had a great time.

Hunting is about so much more than the hunt itself. Getting youth involved and introducing them to the greatest sport on Earth is a beautiful thing.

After a successful hunt, Gordon, his son, and Gordon's friend head back to camp to clean the birds. Then Gordon does what he does best, prepares a dynamite meal.

Oh and then caps off the video with an F-bomb like he so often does. Nice.


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Gordon Ramsay Takes Son on His First Hunting Trip