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This Helicopter Coyote Hunt GoPro Video is Simply Outstanding

helicopter coyote hunt
Clayton Howard

These coyotes didn’t stand a chance.

Over the last couple of years, hunting from a chopper (where legal) has become an increasingly popular way to take down hogs. While most helicopter hunts are for hogs, many take to the skies to hammer as many coyotes as they possibly can.

Check out Clayton’s helicopter coyote hunt, which was all filmed on multiple GoPro cameras.

Great footage and nice bobcat!

Once you find an outfitter that specializes in aerial hunts, the next step is selecting  a weapon that fits your purpose and can be shot out of a chopper. If you’re planning on taking a scattergun along for the ride, I’d suggest something with a very comfortable grip and even a collapsable stock. Let’s face it, shooting out of a helicopter isn’t something that you can practice in your backyard on a Saturday afternoon, so get a shotgun that is easy to maneuver in tight places.

eotech, helicopter hunt
EOTech Inc.

Same stock and grip applies to the AR as far as configuration is concerned, though you’ll also want to make sure that you have a holographic site mounted on top for fast target acquisition. Having something like an EOTech 512 on your rifle will allow you to keep both eyes open on your fast-moving target and makes it easy to find the red dot when you need to pull the trigger. Available in camo or black, trust me when I say that no matter what the color of the site, the 512 will never ever let you down in the field.


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This Helicopter Coyote Hunt GoPro Video is Simply Outstanding