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GoPro Turns Into Crocodile Lunch [VIDEO]

This American Crocodile snaps on a GoPro at the Everglades Outpost Wildlife Rescue facility in Florida.

A volunteer at the Outpost stuck his camera in the water for some close up underwater shots, but the crocodile had other ideas. What else would happen if you put a PVC-housed camera in a crocodile’s face?

Nothing but this, and we’re left to marvel at the glory that is the inside of a crocodile’s mouth. Those laws are as powerful as they get, and the teeth could have done a lot more damage to the camera if they wanted to.

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The video’s uploader has received some criticism for antagonizing the reptile, which is one of many rescued animals kept at the sanctuary. He’s responded and argued his case, and said he took precautionary steps and meant no harm.

Still, this is straddling the line of okay and not okay. Decide for yourself:

What do you think? Was this a cruel interference of an animal’s personal space, or just a cool video perspective, the kind of stuff GoPros were made for?

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GoPro Turns Into Crocodile Lunch [VIDEO]