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GoPro Footage of Divers Swimming with Giant Whale Shark [VIDEO]

Watch as these swimmers dive into the water with the world’s biggest fish, the whale shark. 

The whale shark is known as the gentle giant of the sea and moves gracefully through the water.

Check out this beautifully shot footage, filmed with a GoPro, for a firsthand look at these majestic creatures.

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The whale shark, although large in size, is not a hunter like other sharks. Known as a filter feeder, the whale shark eats small organisms like plankton.

Whale sharks can be found in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans, and typically stay near the equator.

Currently, the whale shark is listed as a vulnerable species, and it has seen a 90 percent reduction in population worldwide.

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GoPro Footage of Divers Swimming with Giant Whale Shark [VIDEO]