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GoPro Fishing Motivation [VIDEO]

Get some extra fishing motivation by watching the video below!

Motivation is not always the easiest thing to come by. It can be tough to find even for our passions. We are told that we have to get a good job whether it is something we truly enjoy or not. Check out this video for a motivational message that resonates even if fishing isn't the thing that you are passionate about.

YouTube user BmpFishing uploaded this great video of fishing footage from his GoPro camera set to the motivational words of Alan Watts as he talks about going after what you love. That goes for if you want to be a tournament angler or if your desire lies somewhere else.

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Let this video be a source of inspiration for you and don't be afraid to go after what you love. As the video says, it is better to live a short life filled with doing what you love instead of a long one doing something you hate.

Did this video motivate you? If so, what did it encourage you to go after? Share your stories in the comments section below.

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GoPro Fishing Motivation [VIDEO]