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GoPro Falls into Angry Rattlesnake Den in Montana [VIDEO]

Creepy Rattlesnake Den Footage

Check out this creepy rattlesnake den footage taken with a GoPro in Montana. As you can see, these rattlesnakes are not happy.

This Montana man attached his GoPro camera to a long stick to capture this awesome (and creepy) footage of a rattlesnake den up close.

I’m not afraid of snakes, but this video still creeps me out a little. There are a LOT of rattlesnakes in that den!

These snakes are not pleased with the presence of the camera in their home and several of them take their frustration out on the GoPro. Watch all the way to the end to see what the snakes finally do to it.

While that is some cool footage of the rattlesnake den, I’m not envious of the fact that the guy had to go in there and retrieve his camera from a den of angry snakes with nothing but a hockey stick…

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GoPro Falls into Angry Rattlesnake Den in Montana [VIDEO]