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GoPro Captures Swarm of Sharks Under Kiteboarder [VIDEO]

Is this kiteboarder even aware so many sharks are chasing his shadow?

This experienced kiteboarder seems very much in his element as he enjoys skimming the surface of these very inviting waters.

Alarmingly, the video footage shows hundreds of sharks chasing him while he glides through the air and waters.

The sharks varying in different sizes can best be seen from the aerial footage and there are plenty. The kiteboarder seems to be traveling at a pretty good rate of speed, however, the sharks don’t ever seem to lose sight of him. They are more than likely curious or are they waiting for him to fall off?

Now the question remains, how is he going to get out of these shark infested waters?

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GoPro Captures Swarm of Sharks Under Kiteboarder [VIDEO]