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GoPro: An Accessory You Shouldn't Hunt Without [VIDEO]


Hunting with a GoPro is easier, and more beneficial, than you might think.

The technological advancements of hunting gear throughout the years is astounding. From rangefinders to high-tech GPS devices, hunting and technology go hand-in-handUS-HUNTING-TEAM-mrec today. However, newer gear like the GoPro and its wide range of accessories may be missing from many avid sportsmen's packs.

Adventure-seekers and extreme sports athletes have been known to use the camera, so why can't outdoorsmen get in on the fun? A growing wave of hunters and anglers are taking the versatile camera along to improve their technique by watching their recordings later or to candidly document a big kill or record-breaking catch.

Here's how to use GoPro cameras to capture the different perspectives and memorable moments of your next big hunt. Check out the many accessories and cameras available from GoPro here.


Rifle, Fishing Rod & Bow Mounts: Aptly named the Sportsman Mount, this versatile mount is compatible with most rifles, shotguns, bow components and fishing rod grips. Two cameras can be mounted to capture the action from different angles and perspectives. Specially designed mounting backdoors help stabilize the camera during recoil, so you don't have to worry about shaky footage when you fire.

cabelas - sportsmans mount

Some GoPro experts and professional hunters used GoPro mounts to capture the footage of a turkey camp in Nebraska last spring. Take a cue from the trio and record your next trek.

Roll Bar Mounts: If you've always wanted to capture the stunning ride into the woods, now you can. These mounts can be securely clamped to the roof of your vehicle's roll bar or roof rack. The roll bar mounts fit 1.4-inch to 2.5-inch tube diameters and are sold with an adjustable three-way pivot arm to capture nature's beauty from multiple angles and perspectives. Be sure to protect your GoPro and use the waterproof housing case to capture photos and recordings in the snow or the rain.

Hunting Dog Mounts: Suit up your canine in a Dog Pro vest and capture the POV of your hunting companion with a mount specifically designed for your dog. The Dog Pro neoprene vest comes in fluorescent blaze orange for ultimate safety and is equipped with an attached mount for your GoPro camera. Or, go straight to the GoPro source and check out the "Fetch" harness.

This sportsman used mounts on his fishing vessel, 12-gauge shotgun and his Labrador to record unique perspectives during his hunt, and his footage was even used in a GoPro commercial. Use the vest mount to see your canine fetch doves in grassy fields or bound through thick waterfowl-ridden marshes.


Blackout Housing: GoPro launched a new blackout housing accessory with hunters in mind. When the camera is recording or snapping photos, two lights continuously blink and flash, and designers knew this was no good for the sportsman crowd.


The non-reflective matte-black housing eliminates any glinting glare on your gun barrel. Extreme athlete and avid GoPro user Mitch Bergsma offers a side-by-side comparison of the standard clear housing and blackout housing on his popular YouTube channel.

Capture High-Quality Audio: Most GoPro users frequently use the standard waterproof housing. If you're looking to capture high-quality audio of elk bugling, ducks calling and the sounds of the great outdoors, use the housing with the back slits. It's recommend for capturing audio for low-volume adventures, not rowdy or loud activities like riding a dirt bike or capturing footage from the roof rack of your truck.

All in all, a GoPro is making it easier than ever to record your outdoor exploits, for whatever reason you can dream up. Learning to effectively use and accessorize your GoPro now will lead to it becoming second nature soon.

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GoPro: An Accessory You Shouldn't Hunt Without [VIDEO]