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Gopher Fishing: A Catch and Release Exercise [VIDEO]

Man films his invigorating gopher fishing adventure in Montana.

This gopher fisherman practices a catch and release exercise near Great Falls, Mont. with zen-like patience and practical craftsmanship.

Does this make you want to go gopher fishing in the Big Sky state?

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Gopher fishing is approachable with a spin rod or a fly rod. Simply make a knot over the perimeter of the gopher hole, let out some line while backing away from the hole, wait for the gopher to pop up its head, and pull tight. If you’ve done it right, a fuzzy rodent will be dangling on the end of your line.

Despite the closing lines: “Only in Montana,” any other state bearing gophers will suffice.

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Gopher Fishing: A Catch and Release Exercise [VIDEO]