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Goose Hunting Video Captures Band Harvests

This goose hunting video captured not only amazing footage, but some rare moving pictures of banded geese being harvested.

This video was filmed by Detour Outdoors on December 7, 2013. For those who don't know, that date happens to fall during the Upstate New York goose hunting season.

The shots taken by both the camera and the guns in this video are pretty stellar, but what's most incredible is the banded geese taken on the first volley. The video description states "Included my first 2 bands ever, 4 bands all together in the first volley."

That's awesome, and we're glad we could "be there" in some sense of the phrase. You can too, just watch the video:

We hope that the hunter wears that band around his neck or carries it with him somehow, because that's an accomplishment many sportsmen never get to enjoy.

Have you ever shot a banded goose or duck? What did you do with the band? Share your thoughts below.

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Goose Hunting Video Captures Band Harvests