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Why Being in Good Shape Makes You a Better Hunter

Want to be a better hunter? Get your rear in gear.

Hunting isn’t really a sport most people associate with physical fitness.

In fact, some people assume hunters are all good old boys with beer bellies and beards. However, the truth is a lot of hunters are in great shape, and for good reason.

Contrary to popular belief, hunting is a sport that requires intense physical fitness and strength for any number of activities.

Just like any undertaking in the outdoors, hunters have to be able to traverse over uneven terrain. They have to climb, haul, and pull on heavy animals and equipment.

Activities like scouting or stalking are based on a hunter’s ability to move through a hunting area and cover long distances, often alone. There is any number of reasons a hunter needs to be physically fit and the ones listed here are just the start.

Cover More Terrain 

It stands to reason that being in shape will get you further when hunting. By being able to walk more and cover rougher terrain without rests, you increase your odds for success. Covering more territory will inevitably lead to more chances at a shot.


Hunters who like to hunt from a treestand know how difficult it is to lift your bodyweight into a tree with a ton of gear added. Physical strength and stamina are both necessary to successfully climb a ladder or use a portable stand. Without substantial upper or lower body strength, climbing is both unsafe and at times, impossible. 

Game Retrieval 

Pulling the trigger doesn’t take a lot of physical strength. Killing an animal with a high powered rifle can be done by hunters with any level of physical fitness. However, once the animal is down, physical fitness yet again becomes an issue. When field dressing, cleaning, and dragging a big game animal, a hunter with less physical strength or fitness will struggle quite a bit more than one who stays in shape.


Even if the season hasn’t even started yet, physical fitness is a factor. Scouting for deer sign is a crucial component to a successful hunting season. Physically fit hunters can use their higher fitness level to scout longer and further where hunters who can’t handle the physical aspects of scouting are forced to rely on mostly guesswork and luck.

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The Safety Factor

Hunters who lack a certain level of physical fitness are putting themselves at risk every time they enter a hunting area alone. The simple fact that hunting involves a weapon, remote terrain, and a hunter who is facing the elements alone guarantees a certain level of innate risk. Add a low level of physical fitness into the mix and you have a recipe for disaster.

Work for It

It is better to be safe than sorry. If you know you’re lacking a little in the physical fitness department but you want to be safe and prepared for hunting season, the good news is you have time to do something about it. Work towards a higher level of physical fitness and prepare yourself for a better overall hunting season.

Physically Fit and Ready to Go

Becoming physically fit is the same as pre-season scouting and finding the perfect rifle. It is simply another necessity to add to your hunting arsenal and it is one you will be glad you took the time to embrace.

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Why Being in Good Shape Makes You a Better Hunter