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Good Samaritan Rescues Deer Trapped in Wood Fence [VIDEO]

This is one fortunate whitetail.

When a good samaritan notices this deer trapped in a fence, he takes matters into his own hands.

It is not altogether uncommon for deer to find themselves in precarious situations and this poor doe is certainly in a pickle.

Agile and curious, sometimes deer attempt maneuvers that cost them their life. Left unnoticed for too long, this whitetail would have to likely suffer an agonizing and excruciating end.


The trapped deer is set free by the swift and quick work of a good samaritan. You can hear the concern in the man’s voice as he tries to comfort her, “You’re hung up pretty good… I know that hurts.”

And then, just as quickly she must have gotten caught, she is set free. As the man says, “Well that’s something you don’t see everyday.”

It certainly isn’t!

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Good Samaritan Rescues Deer Trapped in Wood Fence [VIDEO]