30 Historic Hunting Photos That Will Take You Back

What is it about old hunting photos that we love so much?

I guarantee you've spent a number of nights at deer camp or at home looking through your grandparent's old hunting photos.

Maybe it's the nostalgia of an age gone by. Maybe it's the respect we have for them that they hunted with no modern technology or conveniences. It took real grit to hunt back in those days.

No matter how you slice it, we love old hunting photos, whether it's from the recent past or way back. Here are some awesome pictures that really capture historic hunting tradition.


1. Nice buck and a bear to boot.

Explore PA History

2. Pretty rough looking group.


3. Three really nice deer!

Mississippi Bull Nettler

4. Admittedly, this is not as old as the other hunting photos. But look at those bucks!

Great White Holdings

5. You know the hunt went well when you can't see out of the windshield.

Views of the Past

6. I'd say the hunt was successful.

Handyman Wire

7. It's a family affair.

Camp Hunt Shoot

8. How much grit does that first guy have?!

9. Very professional shot.

Animals vs. Animals

10. Good day predator hunting.

Animals vs. Animals

11. Gotta love the old log cabins.

24 Hour Campfire

12. I found me some dinner!

24 Hour Campfire

13. We still pose forĀ these kinds of pictures.

24 Hour Campfire

14. A very nice cat.

24 Hour Campfire

15. You'd better pull your weight around that deer camp.

24 Hour Campfire

16. A short demonstration of butchering a deer.

Kitschy Kitschy Coo

17. Those are some impressive-looking bear rugs.

Old Picture of the Day

18. "Not much of a trophy"...what a modest guy Fred was.


19. Gotta have some more Fred Bear pictures!


20. A very successful Minnesota hunt.


21. Everyone strike a pose!


22. A couple geese are better than none.


23. Nice wide deer on the right!


24. "Yes, I did slay the beast!"


25. They should have enough venison and moose meat for the winter...

Moose Culture

26. Why so serious, fellas?

Ottawa Sun

27. A little bit of everything for this hunting party.

Michigan Sportsman

28. Always cool when you can get both whitetails and mule deer.

Michigan Sportsman

29. Very successful predator trap line.

Star Tribune

30. "I love deer hunting. Can't you tell?"

24 Hour Campfire

Hope you enjoyed these nostalgicĀ hunting photos. Now it's time to go make some new memories!



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