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Western New Mexico Begins Stocking Thousands of Gila Trout

Nathan Wiese, USFWS

Anglers in New Mexico will benefit from the successful stocking of Gila trout in 2016.

Good news for anglers in New Mexico has come from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently with the successful comeback and the stocking of Gila trout.

Thanks to decades of restocking efforts the Gila trout has made the move from being listed as endangered in 1966 in the State of New Mexico. This last year, more than 50,000 Gila trout were successfully propagated by a hatchery in the north of the state.

The trout status improved steadily and in 2006, its status was downgraded to threatened vice endangered. As of 2015 with stocking goals being met, approximately 10,000 excess fish will be released in southwestern New Mexico by federal authorities providing increased angling opportunities.

Once the fish reach the 9-inch catchable length under regulations, which will occur in May, they will be available for recreational fishing.

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Western New Mexico Begins Stocking Thousands of Gila Trout