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4 Lightweight Meal Ideas Best for Preventing Fishing Trip ‘Hanger’

Ever wonder what to take for food on an extended fishing trip? Here are some of the best lightweight meals to pack inside your bag!

Sometimes you need to stop to ingest some fuel when on a long fishing trip. Getting “hangry” can severely affect the mood and outcome of a fishing trip. When going for long day trips, I typically like to like to bring one full meal and two snacks. Thanks to new innovations in fishing, fishing packs have been developed to handle more time on the water.

I am a huge fan of the sling style packs! This style pack helps me pack ample food to keep me going throughout the day and still have room for all my gear. Here are some ideas for lightweight meals, that can boost energy and morale.

1. Mountain House options


Mountain House makes some phenomenal backpacking meals. All these meals need to eat are boiled water and come in convenient packaging you can eat out of. Another plus is the serving size. These things really fill you up! Another great thing about these meals, is they don’t taste like dehydrated meals.

The biscuits and gravy & beef stroganoff with noodles seem to get the most head nods. Simply delicious! Mountain House has many extravagant flavors encompassing many different types of cuisine.

2. Beef jerky


Beef jerky and cheese is an old proven classic. I tend to lean toward Bucee’s hunter sticks for beef jerky. The taste is always consistent and I can always count on a satisfied stomache. For cheese I am a huge fan of Babybel.

The wax wrapper helps keep it in edible condition, despite hotter climates. This combination goes a long way when paired with a beautiful river setting.

3. Trail mix

Flickr/Sara Milne
Flickr/Sara Milne

Trail mix always finds its way in my pack. Aside from having multiple different variations, it really packs an energy punch! I always try to have sun flower seeds, raisins, pecans, and peanuts as the base of every mix I make.

These ingredients are essential for maintaining a balance of energy and calories. Another tip I can offer is to make your own versus buying it prepackaged. You will save a lot of money, as well as gain a lot more trail mix!

4. Smoked salmon


Smoked salmon normally rounds out my pack for meals on an extended fishing trip. Patagonia just came out with a line of sustainably sourced wild salmon that tastes phenomenal. I like to pack along some crackers in a tin and combine the two with my Babybel Cheese. The result is the perfect combination of awesome. Not to mention incredibly beneficial in restoring energy! My favorite flavor is the lemon pepper.

Hopefully these ideas will make there way into your pack or at least spark up the imagination for some new creations. Staying properly energized is crucial for maintaining a level head and an enjoyable time fishing. Get out and find some new water and go the extra mile know that you have the extra energy to keep you going!



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4 Lightweight Meal Ideas Best for Preventing Fishing Trip ‘Hanger’