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Just Your Average Day Hunting Elk Sheds in Utah

Hunting elk sheds can require miles and hours of hiking with little or no reward, but a day like this makes it all worthwhile.

Shed hunting is gaining popularity and this video proves why. A day spent hiking and scouring good elk country could earn you several seasons’ worth of antlers.

Some shed hunters, like the guy in the video, even make a business out of hunting elk sheds and selling them to collectors and supplement makers.

Watch the video to see how many antlers this pro collects on his first day in a new area of Utah.

This is obviously a sweet spot for hunting elk sheds, but an experienced eye has a lot to do with finding sheds wherever you hunt.

Shed season is almost upon us. Whether you hit the road hunting elk sheds or stick to backyard whitetail racks, it’s a great way to get outdoors and stay connected with the hunt in the offseason.

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Just Your Average Day Hunting Elk Sheds in Utah