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Goliath Grouper Feeds on a Barracuda Before Our Eyes [VIDEO]

A fish that can reach 400 pounds at maturity generally can feed on whatever it wants. This goliath grouper makes a meal out of a barracuda in stunning fashion.

Atlantic goliath groupers can reach immense size. The IGFA world record stands at 681 pounds.

We want to watch anything that can get that big eat it’s meals; we just want to watch it from a boat.

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Groupers can outweigh the fishermen targeting them, and sometimes even their boat. They are known to follow a hooked fish to the surface and attack it. There is no doubt that they can break your line, your pole, and leave your gear in shambles.

These protected game fish are listed as critically endangered. There is a harvest ban on them in the United States, and they cannot be targeted until they recover from their population decline.

Now try telling that to the barracuda.

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Goliath Grouper Feeds on a Barracuda Before Our Eyes [VIDEO]