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Golden Eagle Sighting in Ohio via Trailcam [PICS]

A rare Golden Eagle sighting in Ohio comes at a strange time for usual sightings of the bird.

3 WGI_0042 eagleImages via: Fred Rau / Jim McCormac

Golden Eagle sightings in Ohio are few and far between, so it’s very exciting to get these candid photos out of the usual sighting season.

The following photos were taken by Fred Rau of the Dayton area on the morning of December 22, 2013. Fred owns property in rural western Pike County and usually has a trail cam running on his land. Lately he’s had a deer carcass he found propped up in from of the camera hoping to catch some unique activity. What he did get on the camera is probably not what he was expecting, but was equally (if not more) thrilling.

Click through the slideshow to see additional images of this incredible bird.

Slightly Interested

The Golden Eagle spots the deer and cautiously approaches.

What’s This, Free Dinner?

The Golden Eagle in the photos is believed to be a sub-adult, or a bird who is around 2 – 3 years of age. According to McCormac’s site, “Golden Eagles don’t obtain fully adult plumage until their first year of life, when they will appear darkest overall. This animal still has a fair bit of white in the wings and tail. Perhaps a 2nd or 3rd year bird.”

Guess This is Mine

In addition to the rarity of the bird, the timing of the photos is also unique. From McCormac,
“Golden Eagles are quite rare at any time in Ohio. We get maybe a half-dozen reports annually in migration, mid-March thru April and October/November being prime times.”

Ahh, Get a Good Stretch In Before Chowing Down

Whether or not Fred was able to capture photos of the Golden Eagle consuming the deer remains a mystery. We’d love to see footage of that!

In Case Your Were Curious About The Exact Location…

This is a screengrab from Joe McCormac of the area where these photos for taken. As you can see, it’s quite rural, making it the perfect area for Golden Eagles to hang out and prepare for the migratory season. From McCormac,

“Here’s a map showing the specific location of the Golden Eagle, in Pike County. State Rte. 32 (James A. Rhodes Highway) runs to the south, and State Rte. 124 is to the north. There’s a decent chance this bird will hang out in the area for a while and perhaps overwinter. Anyone in the area should keep an eye out.”

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Golden Eagle Sighting in Ohio via Trailcam [PICS]