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Rivalry Showdown: Golden Eagle and Fox Battle Over Carcass

golden eagle
The Telegraph

Check out this incredible footage of a fox and golden eagle going claw to talon in an all-out brawl over a frozen carcass.

In the animal kingdom, no food source can be overlooked during the harsh brutality of winter. Food is scarce in the colder months and even a frozen deer carcass looks like a gourmet meal to any carnivores moseying through. A hungry creature, like the golden eagle in this video, will go to great lengths to secure a winter food source including battling it out with other hungry foes.

Take this battle between a red fox and golden eagle, for example. The remnants of a frozen deer carcass spurred the two hungry animals into a fierce fight. The golden eagle is feeding on the carcass when the presumably hungry fox approaches. The eagle takes up an intimidating and imposing posture with its massive wings held out to its sides, but the fox isn't impressed.

The small canine bares its teeth at the bird of prey and rushes at it several times. The golden eagle defends against the charging fox using its razor sharp talons. The footage was captured for a BBC show called Winterwatch. The presenter of the show, Chris Packham had this to say about the incredible video according to The Telegraph:

"This is undoubtedly the most exciting footage I've ever seen on the Watches - it's amazing, exciting and fascinating. The risk of injury to both the eagle and the fox is high, life threatening in fact, pointing to the extremely high value they must hold for the deer carcass in this, the toughest time of year".

The video was captured in Scotland at Trossachs National Park. The filming team spent two years attempting to get footage of a golden eagle feeding on a deer carcass and were finally rewarded for their hard work and dedication. Not only did they catch a golden eagle on film, but they also saw a rare interaction between it and a fox.

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Rivalry Showdown: Golden Eagle and Fox Battle Over Carcass