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Snake Provokes Fierce Rabbit in Epic Colorado Showdown

golden, colorado snake

A snake faces off against a rabbit in a video that's almost too much to handle.

Residents of the great city of Golden, Colorado witnessed a match of epic proportions when the Golden, Colorado snake picked a fight with one of the local rabbits.

So why did the snake cross the road? That's a good question. The only subject in this scenario who knows the answer to that question is the rabbit.

Perhaps the rabbit was protecting its young or its territory. Whatever the reason, the rabbit seemed to take the higher ground.

Though it's difficult to identify the species of snake, the resident seems to believe it is not venomous. Likewise, the rabbit must have some acute instinct as well because it seems not to care whether it gets tangled up with the approximate four-foot snake or not.

At the end of the day, the rabbit digs it foot in and makes sure the snake knows who's boss. Thus, the snake slithers on to new adventures and other rabbits to pester.

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Snake Provokes Fierce Rabbit in Epic Colorado Showdown