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Gold Medal Shooter, Kim Rhode, Destroys California’s Lt. Governor on Twitter And It’s Beautiful

It took three simple tweets for Kim Rhode to shoot down California’s anti-gun Lt. Governor.

There are athletes and then there are world class athletes, like Kim Rhode.

The sharpshooting 37-year-old received her sixth Olympic medal this year in Rio. What’s more impressive than anything else about Rhode is that those six medals have come from six different Olympic competitions. Six straight. She’s stood on the podium in five different continents at ever summer Olympic event since 1996.

She’s the only Olympian to medal at six straight summer Olympic contests ever. Oh, and that 1996 gold medal she won? It made her the youngest female Olympian to win gold in the history of Olympic shooting.

With that resume, it’s really no surprise that when Rhode sets her sights on a target, she doesn’t miss.

Recently Rhode, along with police organizations and other Second Amendment advocates, participated in a video disagreeing with California’s Proposition 63. Prop. 63 is sponsored by Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom. The “Safety for All” initiative by Newsom would require a system of background checks for the purchase of ammunition and end online ammo sales that offer shipping to an individual’s home address.

In response to the video, Newsom took to twitter in an effort to explain the proposed regulation.


Rhode wasted no time giving an Olympic size education to the Lt. Governor. She responded with three rapid fire tweets of her own.

Rhode Tweets

We can’t help but notice the disparity in the amount of likes and retweets between Rhode’s messages and that of the Lt. Governor. For his sake, hopefully he has a better turnout at the polls.

Cheers to you Mrs. Rhode. And congratulations again on all of your accomplishments!

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Gold Medal Shooter, Kim Rhode, Destroys California’s Lt. Governor on Twitter And It’s Beautiful