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GoFish Cam Aiming for the Capture of Fishing's Greatest Hits

Seeing visual evidence of a strike through the lens of a GoFish Cam will open your eyes.

High tech gadgets keep bursting onto the outdoor scene with more consistency, but few have caught the eye of anglers quite like the new GoFish Cam.

Co-founder Brandon Austin spoke with us on the cusp of their full throttle launch into the world of fishing gear, and the excitement he and his team has built to this point speaks volumes about their dedication to a useable, engaging product that can change the way anglers view their sport.

To get an idea, watch this video of Brandon speaking to the idea and functionality of the GoFish Cam.

Right off the bat, you can tell the visual imagery produced by the GoFish Cam is tough to beat. Austin mentioned the tendency for fishermen and women to desire a way to share, gather, make use of some really high-quality information.

"We wanted the GoFish Cam to make fishing a more informative and fun process," Austin said.

He mentioned the GoFish Cam's ability to go up to 150 meters deep and last for four hours on one battery charge, notably good numbers for such a gadget.

The camera is equipped for night vision, has easy mobile integration for instant sharing, is housed in a tough casing, and even has a built-in microphone.

The product started out as a Kickstarter campaign, and from there graduated to an estimated May 2016 shipment.

Austin spoke to the importance of a well-connected demographic, implying anglers who've embraced the Internet and shareability of social media, to the launch of the product.

"The early response has been awesome," he said, "and we're eager to get this in the hands of even more anglers."

The co-founder was kind enough to provide a 10% discount code to any Wide Open Spaces reader who pre-orders a GoFish Cam, and all they have to do is enter the code WIDEOPENSPACES at checkout.

To learn more and to order a GoFish Cam, check out their website.


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GoFish Cam Aiming for the Capture of Fishing's Greatest Hits