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Gobbler Loses His Head by Sharpshooting Turkey Bowhunter

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Talk about being a silent turkey killer.

Turkey hunting with a bow has become one of the most popular methods among hunters over the past few years.

Though many hunters typically aim for the vitals or shoot through the wing, some sharpshooters are taking precision head shots.

If you’re a serious bowhunter and want to start taking head shots on your next turkey hunt, then having the right broadhead at the end of your arrow will make all the difference. Whether you like shooting fixed blade or mechanical heads, there’s a turkey hunting broadhead out there for you.

The Bullhead Broadhead by Magnus is a great example of a specialty broadhead that is designed to take down gobblers. The Bullhead’s cutting diameter is 3 3/4 inches (125-grain), making head shots on turkeys much easier then standard broads that have less of a cutting diameter.

Awesome shot, John Paul Morris and way to keep the camera rolling throughout the hunt!


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Gobbler Loses His Head by Sharpshooting Turkey Bowhunter