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Gobbler Does Backflip After Being Shot by AR-15

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If turkey hunting videos had a rating scale, this would take the cake.

Most turkey hunters like to use a 12 gauge, some high velocity magnum shells and prefer to get as close as possible before squeezing the trigger. This turkey hunter on the other hand prefers to kill his long beards at long distance with his AR-15.

Watch what happens when this gobbler gets whacked by a rifle round.

That's pretty close to a 10 in my book, awesome shot, great backflip and one heck of a gobbler!

There's a good chance that you hunt turkeys with a shotgun vs. an AR-15, though one thing remains the same, if you're going to mount optics on top of your weapon, it's important to choose the right glass.

Scopes for turkey hunting have changed quite a bit over the last number of years. Initially, scopes were non-magnified red-dot's that did nothing more than allow the shooter to pick up and shoot quicker after acquiring the target. To meet the demand of hunters using high-velocity turkey loads that pack a punch out to 50 and 60 yards, scope manufacturers have begun to add magnification to their turkey scope lineup.

turkey hunting, turkey hunting scopes

For instance, a very reliable option to diehard turkey hunters that are looking for optics is the Bushnell Trophy XLT scope. Designed with 1.75x4x zoom, this scope has just the right amount of magnification and is rock solid to mount on top of your favorite turkey shotgun.

For under $200 bucks, this scope will hold zero and give your crystal clear images of what's downrange. Awesome product, Bushnell!


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Gobbler Does Backflip After Being Shot by AR-15