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GoatMan Took a Holiday from Being a Human by Living Like a Goat [PICS]

Photos courtesy of Tim Bowditch

Thomas Thwaites learned what it means to live as a goat, as least for a little while. Thwaites took a holiday where he arranged to spend an entire week with a herd of goats grazing in the Swiss Alps on a goat farm.

Thwaites commissioned prosthetics for his arms and legs so that he could walk, as comfortably as possible, on all fours like his goat herd.

He even consulted experts on goat behavior and watched a goat as it was dissected in order to learn more about the creature he wanted to become.

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“I was able to keep up for maybe a kilometre or so on this migration down the side of this kind of rocky mountain, and then they just left me in the dust,” Thwaites told a Vice reporter.

“So I spent the rest of the day trying to catch up to them. And eventually I found them again, and it was quite nice, in the actual soft grassy pasture bit. But actually heading down the mountain was petrifying. Because if I fell I didn’t have any hands to stop me from hitting a rock.”

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“To be a nonhuman animal? So much calmer and simpler!” says Thwaites

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The GoatMan is from England, a conceptual designer interested in technology, sciences, and the future. With this project, he is considering how humans may augment themselves in the future. He believes some may actually look to “de-volve” rather than evolve into a cyborg of the future.

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Thwaites will have an art exhibit in London and has a book documenting his goat ventures to be released this spring called “GoatMan: How I Took a Holiday from Being Human.”

Photos courtesy of Tim Bowditch

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GoatMan Took a Holiday from Being a Human by Living Like a Goat [PICS]