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Goat Killing Mountain Lion Returns to the Scene of the Crime

A California man discovered that some of his goats had been killed, then set up a camera to catch the culprit. You guessed it; a goat killing mountain lion.

This is not the first time that mountain lions have shown up in unwanted areas of California, and if the trend continues, it probably won’t be the last.

Watch the video to see what this goat killing mountain lion does when he finds out his hidden treasures have been locked out of reach.

Man, that’s a bad break for the goat farmer… and the goat killing mountain lion (he looks hungry.)

While it’s understandable why humans who own animals that become victims of mountain lions are upset, it’s also important to realize that the mountain lion isn’t doing anything wrong.

If we choose to protect predators, then live in close proximity to them, some amount of predation on livestock and pets should be expected. The main concern should be for human safety.

Therefore, if you live in an area known to harbor mountain lions, you should be extra careful while running and biking, since these activities tend to trigger the same response as prey animals in large predators. Also, keep a close eye on children and pets while they are outdoors, particularly at night and during the low light hours of dawn and dusk.



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Goat Killing Mountain Lion Returns to the Scene of the Crime