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Go Spearfishing with Darcizzle in the Florida Keys

YouTube/Darcizzle Offshore

Sometimes you just have to put down the fishing pole and pick up the speargun to get things done.

If you’re planning a fishing trip to the Florida Keys this year, remember to bring along your spearfishing gear for an added adrenaline packed experience.  Go spearfishing with Darcizzle in this video and find out what she gets into in the Florida Keys!

No matter where in the world you find yourself spearfishing, having a set of freediving fins is going to be the greatest piece of equipment next to your spearfishing gun.

The Gara Professional LD fins from Cressi are specifically designed to channel power throughout the entire fin, resulting in deeper dives with fewer kicks and less energy.  With a newly designed and more flexible foot pocket, these fins are extremely comfortable for a day full of dives. Additionally, the Professional LD’s foot pocket fits on the entire fin blade, which helps to create more power and less fatigue while diving.

It should be a goal of any angler to try spearfishing at least once in their lifetime because it offers an entirely different perspective on the sport. Understanding how fish move in the water after spotting predators will improve your above-water angling game, too.


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Go Spearfishing with Darcizzle in the Florida Keys