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Go Saltwater Fishing and Cook Alongside Noted Wild Game Chef Hank Shaw [PICS]

To learn how to cook and go fishing with Hank Shaw from Hunter, Angler, Gardener, Cook sounds like a dream come true. 

I can’t think of anything better than spending a weekend on the Gulf of Mexico fishing and learning to cook that fish alongside famous wild game chef, Hank Shaw.


Shaw is the brains behind the popular wild game recipe website Hunter Angler Gardener Cook and the author of a few wild game and foraging cookbooks. This August he is teaming up with Coastal Wings, a Texas hunting guide service, to fish on a 35-foot or 48-foot (depending on sign-ups) charter boat in the Gulf of Mexico.


Over the course of three days (Thursday August 6 through Saturday August 8) you will be fishing for amberjack, cobia, wahoo, dorado, blackfin, and yellowtail with help from expert fishing boat captain, Larry Robinson. Then you’ll learn how to cook it in the best way possible under Shaw’s expert tutelage. Shaw assures us:

I’ve been cooking fish and seafood for decades longer than I’ve been cooking game, so if you like how I cook game, you’ll love how I cook fish.

Shaw promises to teach you how to get the most of your fish by showing you which ones are best smoked, canned, fresh, raw, or frozen. Depending on how much fish you bring in, and how much you cook on the boat, you can package the rest and send some home.


The trip costs $2,500 per angler which includes gear, sustenance, and beer. Space is limited with room for six anglers on the smaller charter boat and up to 10 if they take the larger one.

If you are interested in this culinary experience, contact Larry Robinson at [email protected] or call toll free at 866 486 8897.

Maybe next year he should have a cooking contest with one of his recipes and the winner gets a free trip…

All images via Hunter Angler Gardener Cook

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Go Saltwater Fishing and Cook Alongside Noted Wild Game Chef Hank Shaw [PICS]