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Go Night Predator Hunting with Night Vision Scopes

YouTube/O'Neill Ops

There’s predator hunting and then there’s military style predator operations with night vision scopes.  Meet O’Neill Ops.

For the avid predator hunter, setting out under the cover of darkness can can offer some of the finest predator hunting conditions.  Pack up your calling gear, your rifle and a long range spotlight and let the hunting begin.

For the guys at O’Neill Ops, they take night-time predator hunting to a whole new level.

O’Neill Ops definitely adds a whole new meaning to the phrase night-time predator hunting.

By utilizing ATN night vision scopes on their rifles, the guys at O’Neill Ops are able to keep both hands on their weapons at all times, making them a coyotes worse nightmare. ATN night vision scopes are some of the highest quality military grade thermal imaging and night vision scopes around. If you’re serious about coyote hunting, then having a night vision scope is going to increase your time in the field and decrease your local predator herd population dramatically.

If you’re as crazy as I am about thinning out the local predator herd, then tune into the O’Neill Ops YouTube channel to watch more high quality footage and extreme predator hunts.

Well done, O’Neill Ops.


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Go Night Predator Hunting with Night Vision Scopes