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Go Seriously Invisible in the Field with Nature Blinds

Nature Blinds

Nature Blinds sure do look exactly as they describe. 

Ground blinds have come a long way in the last few years. One of the bigger advancements came in the form of Nature Blinds, and their truly unique concealment system in the field. Using one of these blinds does require a little bit of planning, but once in place, you will simply become one with the woods.

To start out, check out the Nature Blinds flagship build-out. They call this one the Hero. This blind comes fully insulated and with no right angles or any sort of man made design. Coming in at just under $4,000, this blind is no small investment, but your hunting spot looks like a tree.

Nature Blinds

If you are looking for one a little less expensive and maybe a little more low key, Nature Blinds have you covered. With this in mind, you can check out the other end of their product lineup spectrum. For this, the Stalking Shield will fit the bill.

Nature Blinds

The Stalking Shield is a walking blind, or a one directional blind that a hunter could sit behind if need be. There's a handle on the back for ease of transport when it matters as well as a kickstand to help it sit upright. At $199, this is budget friendly way to break into Nature Blinds.

Of course, these are just two of the offerings. There's also a smaller version of the Hero as well as a three sided version of the Stalking Shield that is made for sitting instead of stalking.

Regardless of which one of the incredibly lifelike designs you would choose from, any would be an incredible addition to your hunting arsenal.


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Go Seriously Invisible in the Field with Nature Blinds