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Why Go Fishing in the Everglades During January? [VIDEO]

Learn what makes fishing in the Everglades during January truly unbeatable for any nature lover in this brief video. 

If you’ve ever wanted to go fishing in the Everglades, the month of January is one of the best possible times.

Check out this video and learn what unique opportunities are available to those who go fishing in the Everglades of Florida in January.


Well, if you’re not sold on that guy’s pitch, let’s review the attractive attributes of fishing in the Everglades in January.

It’s the warmest part of the country during that time of year, and the semi-cold weather forces fish to pile together. There are numerous species available for harvest (redfish, sheepshead, snapper, and more), you have the chance to see birds, manatee, and crocodiles while fishing. Need another reason? The scenery is simply gorgeous.

Read more about fishing in the Everglades here.

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Why Go Fishing in the Everglades During January? [VIDEO]