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Go Figure, Hungry Raccoons Love Peanut Butter Sandwiches

If a mob of hungry raccoons showed up on your back porch, would you make them peanut butter sandwiches?

That’s exactly what this man did. In fact, it seems that the hungry raccoons were showing up for their nightly meal.

Watch to see how many hungry raccoons stop by this man’s porch for dinner.

Wow. It looks like everyone in this video could stand to miss a few meals.

Feeding wild animals has a number of negative consequences for humans and the animals they are feeding. Aside from the raccoon obesity epidemic this man is causing, feeding these animals may attract predators to the area, endangering local pets and children. I wonder if this man would be as excited to see a coyote or black bear hanging out on his porch.

The free handouts could also affect the raccoons’ ability to find food on their own. And while this man may like having a group of hungry raccoons begging for food on his porch, I’ll bet his neighbors are plagued by the same animals searching for handouts and garbage on their properties.

Even the humane society discourages the feeding of wild animals stating that while they may seem cute and hungry, feeding wild animals “just isn’t a good idea.”

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Go Figure, Hungry Raccoons Love Peanut Butter Sandwiches