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Why Go to the Dentist When You Can Get Wrasse Fish to Clean Your Teeth?


This guy saved some money in between dentist visits by having his teeth cleaned the natural way, with wrasse fish.

Making yearly trips to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned can be a bit of a drag. However, there is a more natural way if you don’t mind having wrasse fish swim into your mouth.

Recently a diver named Micheal was exploring the waters off the coast of Dahab Sinai in Egypt. The ocean dwellers here open their gaping mouths to allow small wrasse fish to pick their teeth clean.

Deciding to follow the old saying and do as the locals do, he pops out his breather and lets the tiny fish go to work. Check out the cool and equally disturbing footage in the video below.

While this is kinda funny, I don’t know how I would feel about having fish nibbling at my teeth.

Of course this is one way to ensure you have a clean mouth when on a scuba diving date. On the other hand a piece of Orbit would accomplish the same task.

I bet this is going to make a great story to tell his dentist at his next appointment though.

Dentist: “Wow your teeth look fantastic, what have you been doing?”

Micheal: “Funny you should ask Doc. Been spending some time on the reef with some wrasse fish.”

Dentist: “Well that’s a new one…”

Do you think you could handle having fish swim in and pick your teeth clean?

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Why Go to the Dentist When You Can Get Wrasse Fish to Clean Your Teeth?