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Go Back in Time With These 18 Vintage Hunting Photos

My, oh my, how things have changed.

In the past, it was definitely a truer form of hunting than we know today. These folks didn’t have much help in regards to clothing, gear, and electronics back then.

Makes me wonder…

How many of us would be a successful hunter if we had to do it the old fashioned way? No big cozy blind with sliding windows to keep the cold wind off of you. No scent killers. No ATV’s. No scopes. No camo!

Take a trip into the past with this collection of vintage hunting photos.

18. This bunch had a very successful hunting excursion. I see numerous species hung up.

WP 1

17. Not many options to get your kill back to camp in those days. Better throw it on your back, and get moving.

WP 2

16. 11 Men and two hounds, proudly displaying their ten point.

WP 3

15. I know of a few little towns where this might still be acceptable…

WP 4

14. These women are happy to have meat hanging.

WP 5

13. Seven men and a young boy pose with a bearded hay bale holding a rifle.

WP 6

12. Hunter poses with with his rifle, and stuffed companions.

WP 7

11. The Grizzly Bear Chair.

WP 8

10. These men had a successful day harvesting three bucks and a doe.

WP 9

9. Looks like a successful jaguar hunt.

WP 18

8. That horseshoe over the door is for good luck for Appalachian hunters.

WP 10

7. “Put it over there by my buck.”

WP 11

6. Deer hunting at Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation.

WP 12

5. Great mule deer, too bad he’s not very wide.

WP 13

4. No camo or face paint was to be had for these duck hunters, but they managed.

WP 14

3. Hunters and dogs pose with the three mountain lions they’ve killed.

WP 15

2. Young man poses with his fox.

WP 16

1. If someone asked me to show them a “Manly Picture”… I think this would suffice.

WP 17


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Go Back in Time With These 18 Vintage Hunting Photos