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Go Anywhere with goTenna, a Simple Solution to Backcountry Communication

You aren't lost until you lose your ability to communicate. goTenna allows you to use text and GPS with others nearby, no matter what.

There are too many stories involving wilderness survival situations that could have been entirely avoided with a few simple things. Sometimes we take it for granted, but a reliable way of communicating, especially in remote and unfamiliar areas, is just as essential as a bow on a backcountry hunt or a good pair of hiking boots.

There's really no excuse for bypassing this step, especially with the goTenna at your disposal.

goTenna is the first and only way to turn your iOS or Android device into an off-grid communications tool, no cell service or WiFi required. You can pair goTennas with your iOS or Android devices and you and your companions will have your own off-grid network. You can communicate with any other goTenna user within a four-mile radius when you're in typical outdoor terrain.


That range decreases when you're in an urban area, but we know you're more interested in the backcountry safety aspects. It's worth noting that while traveling, attending large events, and in a grid-down situation, a goTenna is just as practical.


When it comes to the mountains, prairies, and forests we seek as outdoorsmen and women, the goTenna stacks up against other devices as a standalone insurance policy. The extendable antenna connects to devices via Bluetooth-LE, the new and improved low emission version of Bluetooth that won't suck your battery, and brings instant 1 to 1 messaging and location sharing with private, encrypted communication. Of course, it also serves as a emergency broadcast tool, allowing you to communicate with any goTenna in range, should the need arise.

Unlike other communication systems, no cell service or WiFi is needed for devices using a goTenna to communicate almost seamlessly. And you don't have to take our word for it, just ask goTenna's users.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 12.08.01 PM

Like the lady who was traveling overseas and faced a serious health issue. It was a goTenna that allowed her to connect with her family and receive the medical information and resources she needed. Or the falconer, bowhunter, and goTenna user who can venture into the kind of terrain he needs without doubting his safety. Or the Florida Keys fly fisherman who luckily had his goTenna in hand just before Tropical Storm Colin threatened the coast.

goTennas are sold in pairs, are easily charged via USB, include free app and map downloads, and are covered by a limited one-year warranty.

Don't make the simple mistake of not being prepared, and you'll enjoy your time in the wilderness that much more.

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Go Anywhere with goTenna, a Simple Solution to Backcountry Communication