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This is the Gnarliest AK Moose Hunt You’ll Ever See

moose hunting

This video proves that when it comes to moose hunting, anything can happen.

Hunters Cameron Hanes and Roy Roth make their way into the snowy mountains of central Alaska in pursuit of a trophy moose vis compound bow. As they arrived in the valley they wished to hunt, the weather decided to move in.

Buckle your seatbelt all you moose hunting fans, this video is going to shake you up a bit.

I will admit it. I probably would have turned around and headed back to the truck if I had to spend a full day in that blizzard. Goes to show that proper gear and determination can go a long way during a hunt.

Despite the numerous bears working up the valley, they were able to sit tight and get a bead on a nice bull moose down in a draw.

After executing a nice stalk and working a few calls the bull presented itself for a nice broadside shot. BAM! The rest is history. I am not sure how far these hunters were form their car, but I am sure they had their work cut out for them once that bull was down for the count.

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This is the Gnarliest AK Moose Hunt You’ll Ever See