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Glowing Green Scorpion Captures Prey Under UV Light [VIDEO]


These scorpions glow in the dark when ultra violet light is shined upon them.

It is not yet understood why scorpions secrete a chemical that coats their tough outer shell. When exposed to an ultra violet black light, the chemical makes them glow an eerie green. This makes them very easy to track and catch at night time when being studied.

In this video, Professor Brian Cox from “BBC Earth” heads to the desert armed with a UV flashlight to find scorpions. As he is following around one of the scorpions, they get awesome footage of watching one hunt down insects, all while it glows under the light.

It is really crazy to see a bright green scorpion hunt. I just can’t believe how sensitive their feet are to be able to pick up on those slight movements in the sand and know exactly where to go to find their meal.

The glowing part is also good to know so that if you are camping in the desert and are scared that scorpions might be in your camp at night you can use a light. Just pack a small UV light to take with you and light it up to find and dispose of them.

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Glowing Green Scorpion Captures Prey Under UV Light [VIDEO]