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Glock Shows Off the Newly Debuted G43 Commercial [VIDEO]

The latest from Glock gets the award-winning commercial treatment.

The new Glock 43, the slimline 9mm built for concealed carriers, has brought a lot of attention to the already-popular brand.

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Glock is known for their reliable guns, their upfront honesty about safety and self defense, and their award-winning television commercials that tug at the emotional heartstrings of the gun community.


Glock does a great job of depicting the wide ranging demographics behind gun ownership, and the everyday, normal routines that make up our daily lives. If concealed carry firearms are going to be of any use, Glock knows they need to be carried every day, everywhere. “Confidence fits my lifestyle,” say the Glock owners in the spot.

If their marketing techniques are accurate, the new Glock 43 will fall into the category of must-have gun in no time.

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Glock Shows Off the Newly Debuted G43 Commercial [VIDEO]