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How to Assemble and Fire a Glock One-Handed [VIDEO]

Can you assemble a Glock in less than one minute, with one hand?

Imagine you are in a situation where you only have one hand free, and your Glock is somehow lying disassembled next to you. Would you be able to reassemble it and fire it off before you are killed or captured?

The guys at Team ZERO are all about training scenarios. They believe in being prepared for any situation with any weapon. This Team ZERO member demonstrates the drill of reassembling a G19 third generation Glock with one hand while wearing a gas mask.


He reassembles the Glock in less than 30 seconds, then immediately fires rounds into three targets. Impressive! It makes you wonder how much trial and error he went through to master this technique.

It could be a nice skill to add to your collection, if you have a gun like a Glock, which is simple to break down and reassemble. It’s also a great shooting challenge to try out with friend at the range.

To avoid injuries or mishaps, always remember to be safe and make sure the gun is correctly assembled before firing.

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How to Assemble and Fire a Glock One-Handed [VIDEO]