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How Good is The Glock G41? [VIDEO]

Is the Glock G41 all it’s cracked up to be?

For years now, Glock has been putting out a couple of pistols they have dubbed their “Tactical/Practical” guns.

These handguns aren’t a big departure from previous Glock guns, with the exception of longer barrel length and a slightly extended lower frame.

Up until recently, these guns were chambered for either 9×19 in the form of the Glock 34 or 40 S&W in the form of the Glock 35. These two pistols are meant to be capable of doing double duty as either personal defense guns or competition pistols.

With all the built-in accuracy that a Glock offers, the only thing required to turn them into competitive guns is a little more sight radius, which is supplied by the guns’ longer overall lengths.

Both the 34 and 35 are useful pistols that fit their roles well, but what always bothered me was that Glock didn’t chamber either of them for cartridges that could use a little more barrel length and would be more useful for hunting. Fortunately, this year Glock has introduced a gun that’s getting closer to my wish list.

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Glock’s new shooter is the Model 41 which, like its T/P predecessors, has a barrel that is about one inch longer than a full sized Glock and a lower frame that’s extended to match.

What has me excited is the fact that the 41 is chambered for 45 Auto and represents what I consider to be a step in the right direction for Glock’s longer pistols. This is not to say that I consider the 45 Auto a deer cartridge; it works, but not that well.

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However, the 41 will definitely make a better coyote, hog or jackrabbit gun than any of the T/P guns that came before it. The added sight radius of the 41 will lead to more accurate shooting and the system of interchangeable grips that Glock offers on its Gen 4 pistols will make the gun easier for a wider variety of shooters to use.

Here’s one of Glock’s commercial spots highlighting the G41

In my experience, it’s hard to milk extra performance from the 45 Auto by simply adding barrel length. It can be done with careful experimentation with bullet weights and powders, but the results are seldom worth the trouble.

With a cartridge like the 45 Auto, the real improvement lies in the added accuracy that a longer gun offers. Used with precision, the 45 Auto is a very capable cartridge and the 41 allows for greater precision. I’d love to see T/P models from Glock someday chambered for the 10mm Auto and 357 Sig cartridges, but for now the 41 will surely do to keep me amused.

Glocks are some of the toughest, most accurate and dependable pistols on the market today. If I can continue to get Glocks that are bigger and better than the ones that came before I’ll be a happy guy, even if they’re not exactly what I was hoping for.


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How Good is The Glock G41? [VIDEO]