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Glock Assembly Upside Down and Blindfolded: How Fast Can You Do It?


This Glock assembly challenge is much easier said than done.

If you've ever thought that assembling your Glock was tough just sitting at the kitchen table, then try doing it upside down and blindfolded with a timer.

Watch this group of elite warriors try their hand at this challenge and see how fast they're able to complete it.

After watching this video, I'm pretty sure that if you can master breaking down and reassembling your pistol hanging upside down, you'll never have an issue in any other environment.

Speaking of Glock, 2016 marks their 30th year in the United States!

To celebrate this anniversary, the company has decided to giveaway 30 uniquely engraved pistols throughout the year to different organizations and individuals whom have always shown immense support for the company since 1986.


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They're also going to choose a lucky winner from their Glock I.D. program. The great news is that if you're already a Glock owner and have registered your G.I.D., then you've been automatically entered into the drawing to win a 30th anniversary engraved pistol!

For more information on how to enter to win, check out Glock's Facebook page!


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Glock Assembly Upside Down and Blindfolded: How Fast Can You Do It?